Office Services

Concentrate on the BIG picture.

Leave the office work to us.

There's a certain "lightness" on being a business owner or entrepreneur. But with that also comes responsibility; taxes, payroll, reporting, statements, etc. that can weigh you down and take away from the time in growing your business.


Allow us to give you that freedom back.


Management and Administrative Support for company branding; customer service policies; office etiquette, procedures and training; office supplies and equipment efficiencies.


Bookkeeping Services for a single event or continuing support including accounts receivable and payable, banking, multiple entities and inter-company accounting and records archiving.  QuickBooks implementation for onsite or online use.   


Confidential personal and executive assistance for individuals, privately held companies or single family offices including  personal and executive accounting for multiple residences, investment properties and special projects.     



  • Office policies & procedures

  • Space needs vs. people needs

  • Office equipment and contracts

  • Document files and retention

  • Chain of command / Company Flow Chart

  • Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, 

  • Bank Recs, Theft mitigation procedures 


  • Multiple entity residential investment properties w/tenants, leases, maintenance, funding.


  • Personal banking and bill payment, manual or online, third party representation.

  • Organization of personal holdings


  • Event management for On/Off site workshops or training.  Registrations, materials, signage, food and beverage, site selection.

"One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency." 


                       - Arnold H. Glasow